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Manufactured, branded and marketed only by: Anand Traders, Hoshiarpur, punjab ,india-146021 email at


- Any tools required to fit the products?
No. It has a push-fit assembly and does not require any working tools.

- Any other cost apart from Shipment?
Because this is an export item, your country can ask for nominal custom duties.Example - IMPORT DUTIES (It may vary as per government)
• US - 20USD approx
• UK - 23GBP approx
• CAN - 22CAD approx
• EUR- 23GBP approx

For exact amount Check here -

- Any special cleaning requirements?
Just use a damp cloth to clean it !! Yes its water-resistant so glass cleaning agent can also be used.

What to do if one of the legs break/deskshelf wobbles or doesn't fit?
Dont worry!! We got you covered and will send a free replacement of the part.

What if I receive a broken/damaged product ?
No questions asked policy if found broken, we will send a free replacement.